The Traveling Plant

The Veridical Travel Around The World of A True Imaginary Plant
Le véridique voyage autour du monde d’une plante imaginaire
The Travel: Waypoints & Landmarks

Where do you start when you are a plant that wants to travel the world? Which carriers are you going to take? Which routes are you going to follow?

Seeded in Paris in June 2020, The Traveling Plant Project germinated in Treviso in July and launched in September 2020 at Ars Electronica Festival 2020 in Linz with the “Preparatory Logbook” and “The Traveling Plant Video Tour“.

In 2021, The Traveling Plant gets out of its Winter Quarantine to start its long journey around the world.

The Travel has begun. Follow its Waypoints and Landmarks.

Traveling Plant Barcelona 2021

July 17 - 18 2021

Traveling Plant Evora 2021

July 21st 2021

Traveling Plant Marvao 2021

July 24th 2021